Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Start of a new Journey

Annnnnnd I'm back.

Ok so to all of my faithful followers out there, if there are any out there I'm back. Hopefully I'll be back for good and will be blogging on a much regular basis.

Let’s get caught up!

So the last time I blogged was back in 2011 when I was pregnant and wondering what the future will hold for me and my new family. Well, we had our little girl! And she is just perfect! I don't want to brag but I am just in love with her. This past year and half has been a whirlwind of babies, working and finding my grip on reality.

The new Title

For those of you who noticed the new title to my Blog is "Day by Day" It comes from one of my favorite musicals "Godspell." It is a very simple song where the followers of Christ sing about living their life day by day and only praying for three things; to follow, to love, and to see. It's the simplicity of the song that really speaks to me. With having a family, working, and life you tend to get caught up in everything and it all just seems so complicated. In reality life is very simple, we complicate things. So in my new endeavor to blog and starting a new journey in my life my first step is to simplify and take everything day by day.

The New Journey

What is the new Journey I am talking about? Glad you asked. This will be a journey of steps, some small some big.

Step 1: Quit my job

I have officially quit my job. That right I will no longer be a "Full-Time" Working mom. This has been the HARDEST decision of my life. I am sure I will have to make hard decisions in the future and some may be harder than this one, but this one will stand out to me. For some, this is not a hard decision, for some, this is not a decision but a need.
Do I want to be a "Stay at home mom?"
But you quite your job?
Yes, I did. I recognize that I cannot do both, work and be a mom. I also recognize that my child needs me at home.
Do I think all moms should be stay at home moms?
In fact I applaud every mom out there who works and takes care of her family. Being a mom is one of the toughest most underpaid jobs out there. So to find a balance between work and home and make things work and properly raise your child is a very large task that only some can handle. If the circumstances were different and I could find a better balance than yes I would consider going back to full time work. I will continue to work and it will be part time. However, I will be working in a job where I have the flexibility of hours and ability to take time off without have to mess up other peoples schedules or jobs. At my current job I held a lot of responsibility and was not in a position to have the flexibility needed to work and be a mom. Though, I am still working my focus will be on my child and work will be fit in when possible.

Step 2: Create my home.

I do not know what “my home” is. Right now I just have boxes, hand me down furniture mixed with a few new things, and stuff everywhere. My walls are bare, and my house is barely organized. I want to create my home, a place where my husband can come home and rest and get away from the craziness of his job. Someplace where, after time away my daughter longs to be home because there is no place like home. A place where friends walk and know this is a home. This will take work and creativity because of course I decide to do this after I quite my job and taking a HUGE pay cut. I had a friend say something to me that made sense; you either have money or time. I will have time, so I will have time to hunt for good bargains, to sell unwanted crap on craigslist, and time to be a DIY. I will use pinterest as an idea, and not measure of how good I’m doing.

Step 3: Get healthy

My wonderful husband has introduced me to the wonderful world of Paleo. I have to admit I’m hooked! I love the recipes, I love how I feel when I stick to the diet, and I love the results. I feel on some level my job has gotten in the way of eating more healthy. However, the real thing that has gotten in the way is my laziness. When I am home from a long day at work and have nothing prepared my will power to power thru and cook is out the window and the idea of take out is so comforting. I know I will have crazy days and take out will be ideal, but the lack of income and my new determination for health will need to prevail for me to stay on target and on budget.

I also joined a crossfit gym. I love it. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a gym. Well in finding a new motivation for getting in shape. I love the work outs, I love the people, and I love how I feel after I work out. I will still have the challenge of making time and finding a sitter, but I am determined. My goal is to by the end of the summer either run a 5K or do something that is benchmark worthy.

So my dear friends my new journey starts, I will do my best to keep you updated.


  1. I like what's happening here. I'll be cheering you on! My biggest prayer is that you'll find a place for more of God in all this. Being completely, wholly His builds up all those around us! Love to you and yours, Aunt Marti (Being family I am compelled to cheer you on in eternal matters of the heart!)

  2. I have your perfect benchmark worthy idea. You and me will do a 5k. My goal post Emma is do be back in 5k shape by 0ctober so lets find a 5k and sign up together.
    I love you bunches and will be here for whatever you may need.


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