Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Steps Forward One Step Backwards

So I thought it had only been two weeks since the last time I blogged, yeah it's been 4 weeks. Therefore, my goal of blogging once a week has failed miserably. However, I am happy to report I am making progress in my new journey. Well progress in some areas and not so much in others. 

Step 2:  Create my own home.

That has not gone so well. Lack of job equals lack of money. Now I know there are plenty of women out there who make beautiful home decor designs on a penny. Also, there is this wonderful website called "Pinterest" that gives you hundreds of money saving ideas. So I should utilize it. Well finding motivation, time, and energy to decorate my home is lost in another world. I have decided to wait until I feel I have more of this" stay at home mom" stuff under control and have properly gotten our new income/budget under control. 

Step 3: Get healthy. 

I am happy to report I have successfully lost 5lbs. I wish it was more, but I am happy with my results. I am making it to a minimum of two crossfit classes a week. Some weeks 3 times and one week 4 times. Eating has gotten better but not great. I am still terribly addicted to Dr Pepper and have not 100% cut grains and sugar out of my diet. I am hoping to average 2-3lb lost a week. My weight lost battle has been an ongoing battle for many years. I have come to realize that even if I get to my goal weight the battle will not be over. So for this step my motto is "slow and steady wins the race." So one step closer to a healthier me.

Step 4: Doing Stuff Outside the House with Ollie. 

We have been to Big Splash, blueberry picking, and the park. It's been great, but the past two days we have been home and having two days of just me and her at home have been wonderful. I get morning snuggles, afternoon naps, and evening cuddling to let me know she is ready for bed. I never thought I would love those things but I do. It reaffirms I made the right choice. I still have days where I miss working full time, but getting to snuggle with Ollie or sleep in because she does, makes it all worth it.

Working on steps 2-4 has kept me busy. For now I will continue to in my journey and try to keep you updated on a more regular basis. 

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  1. I know a billion things have changed since you posted this, but I wanted to let you know that I think you are awesome. You have handled such stress lately and you haven't let it shake you. Much love!!


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